Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Photo an hour, May 2017.

Saturday the 20th was photo an hour day, I missed it because I was in an internet black hole in Wales, but I took a photo an hour on Sunday 21st instead!  Here are my photos.

Photo an hour in organised by Jane and Louisa, anyone can join in and post their hourly photos on social media throughout the day tagging them #photoanhour.  Why don't you join in next time?
10am - Not a bad view to have my breakfast in front of.

11am - Doing last day of holiday things, like packing and stripping the bed.

12pm - We've been staying in the pink apartment above the sweet shop, of course!

1pm - Beach feet, one last walk along the beach before home time.

2pm - Goodbye harbour.

3pm - Beach chips.

4pm - The train journey home is so beautiful, it goes along the coast, I took this photo from the train window.

5pm - Still on the train.

6pm - I know these aren't very exciting photos, but I'm still on the train.  Here's another train window photo.

7pm - Home!  I spent an hour running round in the garden.  I missed my garden so much.  I swear the peas have grown a foot in the last week! 

8pm - I had vegan chicken nuggets and potato waffles for tea, and caught up with my current binge watch, Awkward.

9pm - lovely Lush bath.

10pm - Unpacking.  I pretty much bought this because it's called Mermaid Confetti (it's sea salt with toasted seaweed).

11pm - Reading this weird book on the sofa before bed.  I prefer to read in bed but when Joe is working an early shift the next day I do my reading downstairs so he can go to bed super early, he'll be up at 5am-ish poor thing.

Did you take part this time?  How was your Sunday?


Friday, 5 May 2017

Easy eco friendly actions and articles.

Here are a few easy online actions and interesting articles to make the world a better place,  

Sign Friends of the Earth's petition asking fracking company Caudrilla to stop breaking the law.

photo via Story of Stuff

Ask clothing companies to take responsibility for microfibre pollution

This guy got his community together to make the first carbon neutral village.

Sign this petition for a EU-wide ban on glyphosate.  38 Degrees have a petition going to keep the ban on bee killing pesticides too.

photo via Friends of the Earth

This article suggests that shop bought bee friendly plants are poisoning bees (if they're grown using pesticides).  I'm now growing from seed, saving seed, taking cuttings, and generally scrounging plants instead of buying as far as I can.

I like the idea of a walking city.

Peat is in so many gardening products, and it's super bad for the environment.  Sign Friends of the Earth's petition to protect British peatlands.  I buy my organic, peat free compost from Wilkos by the way. 

photo via Upworthy

Lego is looking into ways to make eco friendly lego!  We love lego in this household so this is very exciting! 

I post these kinds of things on twitter all month, so find me there if this is your kind of thing too!